Selectika FWD, member of Selectika Business Group, provides digital services and solutions for all your business needs.


Our Team

Developers, web designers, journalists, copywriters, technicians, experts in digital marketing, in new technologies, in networks, in Information Technology (IT), are some of the people who come to work with us, or who we have chosen as external partners, have distinct skills and great business course, everyone in their field of work.


We design your website in the friendliest way for search engines.


Our company undertakes the regular maintenance and updating of your website whenever is necessary.


The website in order to maintain its right and safe presence on the internet should be upgraded with the latest software versions.


We undertake the optimization of your website for better ranking in the search engines (Search Engine Optimization).


We undertake the modern design and creation of your online store.


We take over the management of your company’s Social Media as well as Social Media Marketing.


We undertake the addition – configuration – editing of content of your website (texts and photos).


We provide exceptional creativity, technical knowledge and productive experience to present a solution to your graphic design needs.


We create and develop information portals, user friendly, easy to navigate, with fast data loading.


We undertake the digitization of your physical archive and the creation of an electronic protocol.


Design and create informative Newsletter to promote your business.


We provide hosting of your website with packages that guarantee its proper operation.

Our Digital Services in detail

Website design is our main service for our company. A company’s website is its image to the world and its future clients. Every website design is unique. Every company has its own needs that need to be captured in the right way to create the best possible presentation on the internet. The website, in addition to the visual approach should be user friendly and functional. Thus, it becomes visitable and reliable. In the design of the website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are used to achieve a better result in the search engines.

For the implementation of each project we follow the following procedure:

  • We collect data from our partner (Data Analysis)
  • Design of strategic online planning
  • Website design
  • Checking the proper operation of the website
  • Monitoring and extracting conclusions
  • Proper implementation of a website is a barometer for its online success

Indicatively, we mention some of the works included in the maintenance contract:

Changes to product catalogs
Changes in price lists
Product additions
New Announcements
New Links
Staff changes
Changes or enrichment of activities
Addition of new websites

A website or application needs technical support. The website in order to maintain its proper and secure presence on the internet should be upgraded with the latest available software versions.

If it is not upgraded, it will risk falling victim to hackers in order to introduce malicious links and scripts. In case your website is attacked, the negative effects will be immediate. For example, shutdown of the website, negative rating of the website and server by Google, etc.

Services we provide for technical support of websites:

  • Weekly control of the website for its proper operation
  • Telephone support for any problem or question you might have on working days and hours
  • Update and upgrade your system (CMS) or software to fill security vulnerabilities
  • Daily Backup of the website
  • Settings and support for your emails and protection with SPAM filters and antivirus protection
  • Remote access if needed to PC for troubleshooting
  • Publish articles and media on your website

Search engine optimization of your website (Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, etc.) is very important in order to achieve the desired results, in terms of position of the appearance of the website on the Internet.

If a site is well-structured and search engine friendly, it will rank high in a very large number of keywords, which in turn will gather a large number of visits to your website.

All the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, categorize different websites in the search results they display, depending on the keyword or phrase that each of their users is searching for. Page sorting is done with the help of complex algorithms that take into account dozens of factors. The goal of these algorithms is to offer the most relevant web pages to every search engine user, base on what they are searching for.

The above process concerns the so-called organic results and is quite different from the process of ranking paid ads in the respective searches.

Web Content Management is one of the most important functions and includes all those actions that are responsible for your company’s presence on the internet.

A website, except of being well-structured, needs to be updated with the actions, products and news related to the respective company. A Content Management system is hidden behind updating a website. A person with authorized access must undertake to update the content of the website at least one or two times a week.

There are many companies that, while they have invested a lot of time and money to build a website, in the end the content remains the same and is not being updated, resulting a decline in reputation and rank, more and more in search engines.

Actions we undertake:

  • Add – configure – edit website content (texts and photos)
  • Information – configuration – processing of products and services in online stores (e-shops)
  • Add new webpages (if applicable)
  • Study – Editing keywords of the website
  • Add – edit – delete menu items of the website
  • Update – configure Google Analytics statistics
  • Website text optimization
  • Graphics optimization
  • Promotion and management of websites on social media (Social Media Sitter)
  • Minor interventions in digital code if deemed necessary for the proper operation of the website

Give to your website the vibrancy it needs with content renewal. A live website gains the trust of your prospective clients.


Creating a Corporate Identity

We provide exceptional creativity, technical knowledge and productive experience to develop dynamic, effective materials from the conception of the idea to the final production. Whether you need flyers, logos, business cards or a complete company identity suit, we can meet your design needs and expectations.

  • business cards
  • letterheads & folders
  • labels
  • logos
  • advertisements
  • brochures
  • business catalogues
  • banners


Nowadays, social media are the most important business tool for the online promotion of a website. Through them, every company has the opportunity to reach for the audience that aims.

Our company provides solutions for the following, most used, social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Every company must have a continuous and dynamic presence in social media and of course, to devote enough time for extracting conclusions about the trends of the public.

SMS (Social Media Sitter)

Presence of the company on social media with the proper development and attention. These are the main actions that starting through the growth of social media and the continuous rising of their importance for the companies all over the world.

Nowadays, companies that want to enter social networks must employ a skilled person, full time and exclusively, to manage their presence on those networks.

The Social Media Sitter work, must be defined by a specific strategy that the company wants to follow on social media. Social Sitter will be, in the coming years, the cornerstone for the company in internet and will develop into one of its key executives, as long as the presence on social networks shows measurable results.