FWD SELECTIKA, based on its experience and know-how, aims at the continuous upgrade of its services based on experienced and specialized personnel, observing the current legislation, always focusing on quality and full satisfaction of the needs and requirements of its customers.

For this reason, FWD SELECTIKA has set up an International Standard for COMPILATION OF BUSINESS PLANS, ECONOMIC STUDIES AND DEVELOPMENT OF MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS for the management of co-financed projects and projects implemented with own means and committed to adhering to specific processes, effective communication with its customers, continuous improvement of services provided, training of human resources, monitoring of the flow of services provided and minimization of customer complaints, appropriate preventive and corrective actions.

The contribution of partners and customers, in terms of quality, is essential and it is recognized that the satisfaction and improvement of the goals set can be achieved only with continuous effort and continuous improvement of the System itself.

It is important for FWD SELECTIKA to have the necessary resources to support the Quality Management System and to provide the necessary knowledge to its staff, utilizing its skills and abilities. Motivates and supports communication, participation and creativity because the provision of quality services and the successful operation of its Administrative and Financial services is based on its people.